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Receivership Services at Johnson, Newlon & DeCort: A Comprehensive Approach to Asset Management and Recovery

At Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, we bring our extensive experience in the field of commercial litigation to the specialized legal practice dealing with receiverships. From our office in Tampa and serving clients across Florida, our attorneys offer a unique blend of big law firm expertise with the responsiveness and direct access typically found in more boutique settings. Our commitment to high-quality legal advice and representation combined with hands-on, personal service ensures that our clients can rely on us to navigate the complex legal landscape involved in receiverships.

Learn more about the firm’s practice in this critical area, and reach out to Johnson, Newlon & DeCort for advice and assistance with receiverships in Florida.

What Is a Receivership?What Is a Receivership?

Receivership is a legal process where a court appoints a “receiver” to take control, manage, and potentially liquidate a company’s assets or operations, often in situations of financial distress or misconduct. Receiverships are commonly linked with regulatory enforcement actions (SEC, FTC, CFTC, and OFR) and Ponzi schemes but also include business disputes in state court that result in the appointment of receivers.

Regulatory Enforcement Actions

Our attorneys are adept at handling receiverships arising out of actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We have served as both receivers and counsel to receivers in these cases, diligently working to protect the receiver’s interests and ensure the proper administration of assets.

State Court Receiverships

Receiverships are an equitable alternative to bankruptcy wherein a state court appoints a third party neutral – a receiver – and gives the receiver authority to sell or otherwise liquidate assets for the benefit of creditors. Our attorneys serve as receivers and counsel to receivers in state court proceedings and are adept at handling the myriad of complex issues that often arise in the receivership context.

Ponzi Schemes

Navigating the complexities of Ponzi scheme-related receiverships demands a unique set of skills and extensive experience. Our team is equipped to manage and liquidate properties and assets associated with such schemes while ensuring effective communication with defrauded investors.

Clawback Litigation and Claims Process

A significant part of our receivership practice involves the prosecution of the receiver’s legal claims, ensuring that all parties involved are treated fairly according to the law. Additionally, we have experience in the administration of the claims process associated with disbursing funds to claimant creditors.

Why Choose Johnson, Newlon & DeCort for Your Receivership Needs?

  • Hands-On, Personal Service. Our boutique setting allows us to offer a level of personal service and direct access to your attorney that larger firms often cannot match. We are committed to being responsive to your needs at every stage of the receivership process.

  • Multi-faceted Expertise. Our legal professionals have served as both receivers and counsel to receivers in a variety of cases. This dual experience gives us a holistic view of the receivership process, from both the legal and operational standpoints.

  • Statewide Coverage. Although we are based in Tampa, our reach extends throughout Florida, providing a broad network of legal support for all your receivership requirements.

  • Proven Record. From local businesses to assets associated with Ponzi schemes, our portfolio demonstrates our ability to handle a wide range of receivership cases successfully.

Contact Johnson, Newlon & DeCort for Help with Receiverships in Florida

By entrusting your receivership case to Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, you are gaining a partner who understands the intricacies of this complex legal procedure. Our depth of experience and commitment to client satisfaction make us an ideal choice for individuals and corporations seeking skilled legal representation in receiverships. Contact us today to discuss how we can best serve your legal needs.

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