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Intellectual Property Litigation

When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets—your intellectual property—choosing the right law firm is paramount. At Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, we offer the caliber of legal expertise that comes from big law firm experience, paired with the personal, hands-on service of a boutique commercial litigation firm. In the high-stakes world of intellectual property litigation, our dedicated team stands out for its comprehensive experience in Florida state and federal trial and appellate courts across a wide spectrum of technologies and industries.

Intellectual Property LitigationWhat Sets Us Apart in the Field of Intellectual Property Litigation

Navigating intellectual property disputes requires a deep understanding of both legal nuances and the complexities of modern technology. Johnson, Newlon & DeCort attorneys have extensive experience in handling a myriad of intellectual property cases. This experience ranges from enforcing client rights to defending against related claims.

We are proficient in litigating matters that involve:

  • Laws of unfair competition
  • False advertising
  • Non-competition and related restrictive covenants
  • Internet and domain name issues
  • Non-disclosure and other business agreements
  • Various technology-related issues

By choosing Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, you are not just hiring a law firm; you are partnering with a team that is committed to being responsive to your needs and accessible to you. When you need to communicate with your attorney, you don’t need layers of paralegals and junior associates standing in your way. At Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, we put client relationships first as we constantly strive to deliver excellence in legal services.

Comprehensive Representation Across the Spectrum of Intellectual Property Litigation in Florida

Our comprehensive intellectual property litigation practice encompasses a variety of areas crucial to established businesses, startups, and individual entrepreneurs. We offer strategic advice and zealous advocacy in all of the following areas, among others:

  • Trade Secret Theft and Misappropriation – Your trade secrets are integral to your competitive advantage. We specialize in swift legal action to prevent unauthorized disclosure or theft of trade secrets.

  • Trademark Infringement – We understand the value that a trademark carries for your business. Our attorneys are adept at tackling cases that involve unauthorized and misleading use of trademarks that can harm your brand reputation.

  • Trademark Dilution – Even if an infringement case may not be clear-cut, the dilution of a trademark’s distinctiveness can also have detrimental consequences. We can help you enforce your rights to maintain the strength of your brand.

  • Copyright Infringement – Whether it involves software, literary works, or artistic creations, copyright infringement can result in significant financial loss. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in these complex matters to protect your original works.

  • Design Patent Infringement – In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, protecting design patents becomes exceedingly vital. We offer robust representation for clients facing unauthorized use of their patented designs.

Why Choose Johnson, Newlon & DeCort for Your IP Litigation Needs?

Our attorneys bring a wealth of big law firm experience to the table, allowing us to handle complex intellectual property disputes with skill and finesse. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to providing personal, responsive service that caters to the client’s specific needs. With Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, you get direct access to your lawyer when you need it, ensuring that your interests are front and center at every stage of the litigation process.

For reliable legal expertise in intellectual property litigation that balances aggressive representation with attentive service, look no further than Johnson, Newlon & DeCort in Tampa, serving clients throughout Florida statewide. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can protect your intellectual property rights effectively and efficiently.

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