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Business and Commercial Litigation

Unparalleled Expertise in Business Litigation in Florida

At Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, our primary focus is Business and Commercial Litigation. Our Tampa-based law firm serves clients throughout Florida, offering a potent blend of big law firm expertise with boutique, personalized service. We prioritize direct client-lawyer interaction, ensuring you receive responsive and tailored advice in real time. If you find yourself in need of legal advice and representation to navigate a business dispute in Florida, Johnson, Newlon & DeCort offers the practical and effective solutions you need.

Why Choose Johnson, Newlon & DeCort to Handle Your Business and Commercial Litigation in Florida?Why Choose Johnson, Newlon & DeCort to Handle Your Business and Commercial Litigation in Florida?

Deep Experience Across Multiple Venues

Our legal practice is deeply rooted in a history of representation in both Florida state and federal trial courts, arbitration proceedings, mediations, and regulatory investigations and proceedings. This broad-based experience equips us to navigate the intricacies of any dispute, irrespective of the setting.

Comprehensive Case Understanding

We begin each new client engagement by conducting a meticulous assessment of the issues at hand. Understanding the unique complexities and nuances of your matter is pivotal in crafting a litigation or dispute resolution strategy that aligns with your goals.

Diverse Clientele

Our firm serves a wide range of clients—from large corporations to small companies, partnerships, unincorporated businesses, and individuals. This diversity in clientele underscores our experience, adaptability, and aptitude in handling business cases no matter the scope or magnitude.

Resourceful Team

With a team that brings together skill, legal acumen, experience, and creativity, we provide holistic solutions aimed at effectively resolving business and commercial disputes. Our firm’s cross-disciplinary capabilities allow us to address a broad spectrum of legal challenges.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our goal is to mitigate both your legal exposure and litigation costs. When applicable, we also work diligently to resolve disputes in a manner that preserves crucial business relationships.

Areas of Focus

Our comprehensive Florida business and commercial litigation practice includes strategic advice and effective representation in the following areas, among others:

  • Commercial Contract Disputes – Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. Our firm specializes in addressing breach of contract and related disputes that could jeopardize business continuity.
  • Partnership Disputes – If your business partnership is facing internal conflicts, our attorneys can facilitate resolution through negotiation or litigation if necessary.
  • Shareholder Disputes – Whether minority shareholder rights or director liabilities, our attorneys can help mediate and resolve such contentious issues.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – We represent clients in situations where fiduciary responsibilities have been neglected or violated, advocating for justice and rectification.
  • Business Torts – From allegations of fraud and defamation to unfair trade practices, we have the expertise to help you navigate through intricate business torts cases.
  • Fraud – Be it securities fraud or consumer fraud, our firm is equipped to tackle complex fraud cases, protecting your financial interests.
  • Unfair Competition Claims – We help businesses who are victims of unfair competition practices by providing strong legal representation to level the playing field.
  • Trade Secret Claims – We work diligently to protect your intellectual assets from unauthorized dissemination or theft.
  • Banking Litigation – From lender liability claims to complex financial transactions, our attorneys are proficient in representing both banks and borrowers in various litigation contexts.
  • Healthcare Litigation – Our team represents healthcare groups and professionals in business disputes including Qui Tam and False Claims Act cases, privacy laws, government investigations, administrative proceedings, contract disputes, and more.

Contact Our Business & Commercial Litigation Team Today

At Johnson, Newlon & DeCort, we take a client-centric approach, combining legal excellence with personal service. If you are looking for unparalleled expertise in Business and Commercial Litigation in Florida, we invite you to reach out to us today by calling 813-699-4859 or contacting us online.

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